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Dolphin3D Web Browser 7.0

Dolphin3D is a powerful, innovative new web browser for Windows
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Dolphin3D is a new and feature-rich web browser for Windows. It is a powerful and innovative new web browser which can successfully replace any other browser you use. It has a user-friendly interface and a feature-rich option list which includes quick movies, music, games applications, and download. It also has an incorporated media player, image editor, word processor and download manager. It includes a ready-to-use ad blocker, script killer, movie download tools, Flash and Windows media players, cookie manager, cache viewer-manager, use-anywhere spell checker and thesaurus, definition dictionary, and same-window split-pane word processor – right out of the box, and these are not all its features. Almost all these powerful features can be instantly activated, deactivated, or otherwise accessed from the main browser window with a single button click.
This is a all-in one application because it's not just a web browser, but also a media player, a word proccessor, a download manager, a music finder and more.

George Lockwood
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